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     Bosa Berto Coal exploration

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Bosa Berto Coal exploration

Ethiopia, as a land of every favorable geological formation for numerous mineral resources hosts coal deposits distributed on the western side of the rift sacraments and plateau. Newera compiled and evaluated historic datasets and carried out reconnaissance survey in various parts of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State. As a result a potential site for exploration that can support mechanized mining is delineated and the method of exploration to be followed is described in this exploration work program.

Few of the coal occurrences that have been known for many years have become mine sites after carrying out detailed exploration as Delbi Moye very recently. Other known occurrences also deserve appropriate investigation and remained potential sites for exploration. Moreover, the coming up of new coal mines in the occurrences verified the probability of potential targets and calls for systematic exploration.

With this informative Newera has vested its potential and resource in looking for potential sites that can be systematically explored with the aid of advanced techniques. The reconnaissance investigation carried out in the region resulted in deciphering exploration potential site in Wolayeta Zone, Kindo Didaye Woreda in a locality called Bosa Berto. By virtue of its experience in the mineral sector, particularly in the resource bountiful Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region, Newera Mining PLC confirms its commitment and dedication to unravel the hidden resource for the benefit of the nation and its people.