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Exploration company

Established in 2015

Location: Ethiopia

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Newera Mining PLC is a mining and exploration company currently focused on the exploration and development of industrial minerals such as silica sand, coal and aggregate in Ethiopia.

Newera is a privately-owned company established in 2015 with the aim of exploring the vast mineral deposit of Ethiopia. Newera recognizes sustainable development as a vital objective for society and readily acknowledges its responsibility for helping to achieve this decisive aim. To take the mineral sector forward in a sustainable way.

Ethiopia has many of the essential elements required for success as a mining nation. It is unquestionably resource rich, with a vast breadth of undeveloped minerals and resources. However, still it is one of the few African countries without a well-known mineral potential dataset. Accordingly, the mineral potential of the country is known partly only, and the activities in the sector is localized on occurrences and known deposits for long period of time.

The sharply increasing global demand of various types of minerals is associated with the technological development in addition to the dramatic rise of market for finished products. In addition, the old providers of the raw materials are noticed to be far away from the actual request of the industries in one side and the exhausting of previous mines exemplified the shortage.




Newera intends to become a consolidator of assets and ultimately industrial minerals producer of choice in Ethiopia. The company is in the process of building a portfolio of industrial mineral assets from grass roots exploration through to production. The company strategy is to prove up significant industrial minerals resources in emerging industrial areas/regions of the country, either stand alone or in various forms of partnerships, capitalizing where possible on early mover advantage.




  • The geological favorability of Ethiopia to host various types of mineral deposits coupled with conducive investment climate attracted the shareholders to set up the company. The sincere missions of its formation are: 

  • To lay out a concrete foundation in exploring potential targets which in turn verify its strong presence. 

  • Fill the gap that hindered the exploitation of economic deposits in a systematic and globally accepted procedures. 

  • Unravel the geo-scientific information that could portray the prospect of unrecognized zones. 

  • lay its role to make the country capable of entertaining its mineral potential. 

  • To bring valuable assets to its stake holders.