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Newera was granted mining license for silica sand in the Southern Nations and Nationalities Regional State, Gurage Zone, Sodo Woreda, Kella locality. The license area is located c. 110 km south of Addis Ababa and covers a total area of 1.42 sq. km.

The license area lies within the central part of the Ethiopian Volcanic Province. This volcanic province is situated at the contact between western Ethiopian Plateau and western margin of central and northern Main Ethiopian Rift (MER).

Alleltu Aggregate Mining Project

The Alleltu aggregate material exploration license is fully owned by Newera mining PLC and located 35km north-east of Addis Ababa. The license area covers a total of 10 hectares. Ethiopia is undergoing a transformation. The East African state is prioritizing a wealth of construction projects in order to stimulate its economy, reinvigorate its infrastructure and supply affordable housing and power to its population of close to 100 million.

Aggregates are inert granular materials such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone that, along with water and Portland cement, are an essential ingredient in concrete and most mined materials in the world.


Few of the coal occurrences that have been known for many years have become mine sites after carrying out detailed exploration as Delbi Moye very recently. Other known occurrences also deserve appropriate investigation and remained potential sites for exploration. Moreover, the coming up of new coal mines in the occurrences verified the probability of potential targets and calls for systematic exploration.

With this informative Newera has vested its potential and resource in looking for potential sites that can be systematically explored with the aid of advanced techniques.

Bashagi placer gold exploration

Newera Mining PLC has been granted an exploration license on October 2017. The company’s placer gold exploration project area is located in the Southern Nation Nationalities of People Regional National State in Bench Maji Zone, Dizi and Surma Woredas, situated west of Addis Ababa.  The project area covers a total area of 4.9803 sq km. In order to discover an economic gold mineralization, Newera Mining plc has carried out intensive placer gold exploration since it has got its exploration license. Exploration pits were dug using heavy duty machineries and samples were washed and gold grains are obtained.

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Juniper Glass Industries SC. (Juniper Glass) is a new entrant to the Ethiopian container glass market. We are building a factory with capacity to manufacture over 200 million glass bottles per year, for supply to Ethiopian and regional markets.
Consol Glass is the leading glass packaging manufacturer in Sub-Saharan Africa, with operations in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. Consol Glass exports glass packaging to more than 17 African countries. Employing some 1800 employees, Consol brings significant expertise to the glass packaging industry.
Quadrant Investment PLC is a privately owned local logistic and life support company founded in Ethiopia in 2010, with a reputation for providing outstanding quality that continue to secure a loyal customer base.
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Mining company hopes to alleviate bottle shortage

Newera Mining Plc, has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoMPNG) that will make the company the first large silica sand miner in the country. During its session on July 14, 2017 the Council of Ministers’ approved large scale...
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